​​Six teenagers tear joyously through life on the backs of their motorcycles.  
Bumps and bruises are a small price to pay for the bliss of throttles cranked wide open and journeys into the unknown. Along the way, true passions are discovered, and choices must be made when a fork in the road is reached... 
A story of friendship, adventure, and youth relished to the max.
Chapter 1
The two friends slouched on the cement floor of a narrow porch behind the house with their backs curved against the stone wall. They let their feet dangle back and forth, boot heels tapping a slow rhythm against the supports below. It was quiet, even for a Sunday morning out in the sticks. A twittering weaverbird flew by to collect bits of twig and leaf in her beak and back to stick them into her neat spherical nest. Ray’s head leaned against the arm propped on his knee, his eyes following the bird as she flapped back and forth. He sighed. In all his sixteen years, he had never sat still long enough to watch a bird build a nest. When he couldn’t bear the boredom any longer, he jumped to his feet.
“What’s in there?” he asked Eugene, indicating the ramshackle shed standing a few hundred meters downhill, a few meters this side of a small cluster of papaya trees. The cinderblock walls were rough and unplastered, the paint on the wooden door faded to a nondescript beige. It was the kind of shed where things languished considered too good to throw away, but nobody expected to need any time soon.
Eugene shrugged without interest. “Nothing much. Mostly rubbish the old man doesn’t want sitting around the house.”
“Anything of yours?”
“Useless stuff, only.” Eugene crinkled his forehead trying to remember. “Also my old Yam.”
Ray grinned, remembering the little silver and blue motorcycle, a gift for Eugene’s twelfth birthday. Young Ray had pedaled his own bicycle until his legs were on fire trying to keep pace with Eugene as he tore around the wild acres behind the house on his motorcycle. His hunger for one of his own was born then and there...
​​Grass Stuffed Tires is illustrated. Original line drawings of the light enduro motorcycles that play a starring role in the book and photographs from the 1970s bring the stories to life. 

Jo Alkemade fell in love with motorcycles as a teenager in Kenya. It took many decades, and an entirely different continent, for her to earn her license and buy her own bike. Eager to make up for lost time, she cranked open the throttle and took off. Jo rode 42,000 miles through 15 states across the USA on her beloved Triumph Scrambler, traveling joyously on her own, with her husband, and with friends old and new. She rode through deserts and mountains, in frigid rain and roasting heat, on crowded highways and desolate dirt tracks, and delighted every time in the adventures and fascinating people she met along the way.